Muck ‘n’ Muffins

Sooo as I’m up in Donegal, I might as well write about some things I find up here.

Muck ‘n’ Muffins is a cafe/pottery studio/gift shop in Dunfanaghy.  As well as selling the pottery they make in their studio, the gift shop has lots of fair trade products and recycled items such as clocks made from beer bottles :).  I love stuff like that; for my fashion consolidation I made a skirt out of old tea-towels .  Here’s the pics (sorry for the bad quality, had to use my iphone):

Sinead: Browsing.  I like the way the shop is laid out, wee bits and bobs everywhere.


Mixed bead necklace, about 15 Euros, this would brighten up any outfit!  Twisty necklace 7.50 Euros – I like the way you can twist this into whatever shape you want.

Glass ring, about 5 Euros.


Handknit hat, 15 Euros.

 Knitted slippers 15 Euros;  these had fleece on the inside! Cosy cosy cosy.

Recycled newspaper bag, 50 cent.


definitely my favourite find of the day, a clock made from an IRN BRU bottle :D.

These are both little bicycle ornaments made from flattened bottle tops – 7.50 Euros.

Book with blank pages – perfect for a diary or doodle pad.

and last but not least..

Easter Ducky!

 Hope everyone enjoyed this post as I haven’t written one like this before.  Should it be a regular thing or just a one-off?  I think I’ll be able to squeeze a post in tomorrow even though it’s Easter Sunday, (mainly because my Mum forgot to bring the choccy eggs up to Donegal and we have to have an Easter Wednesday instead – the kids will never know haha) if not have a lovely day tomorrow!

Nuala xo

P.S. thanks to Sinead for modelling all the things!



  1. dee convery

    Yes I like this type of post. I think you should do it when you find any wee alternative shops selling quirky things.

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