You’ve been BELFASHED #3 – Part 1, Hey Boys!

Heyyy everyone, sorry for the irregular posts.  I went for a style spot around Victoria Square on Tuesday as I was back in Belfast for the day.  I found two young lads with style I really liked, so in this post I want to focus on their outfits.

Daniel Crawford, 17, Student.

The first thing I notice about Daniel’s outfit is the colour co-ordination; whether intentional or not the shade of his carrot style jeans is exactly the same colour as the blue bits in the design on his jumper.  As well as that, the red stars on his right sock (haha odd socks) and the grey-blue stripes on the left sock go with the other colours in the jumper design!

This is a very modern look in comparison to some of the other guys I’ve Belfashed as they have mostly been quite vintage-y looking (both are great but very different!).  Daniel’s favourite shops are TOPMAN and SIZE.  He got most of his outfit from TOPMAN and spends around £150 a month on clothes.

Andy Reid, 17, Student/works in Dominoes.

Theres something about a classic Adidas jacket, I’m always drawn to look at people who are wearing them.  I like Andy’s carrot jeans, not so keen on the colour though.  Andy’s favourite shop is TOPMAN which is where he got his jeans, he bought his Adidas jacket in JD sports.  Andy “easily” spends £500 a month on clothes – good Lord!

Thank you to Daniel and Andy for letting me take their photos and pester them, and a big thanks to my lovely helper Megan :).  Tomorrow I’m going to look at the girls I spotted on Tuesday so look out for that.

Also I’m heading back to the Big ‘B’ tomorrow (on a three-hour long bus journey yaaay haha) but it’ll be nice to be back and to see everyone.  Oh and I finally got my Easter eggs!

Nuala xo


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