University of Ulster Fashion Show 2011

So last night my lovely Mum and I went to the annual fashion show at the University of Ulster :).  I had been looking forward to it all week and the whole event turned out even better than I had expected!

On arrival we both got a complimentary bottle of West Coast Cooler’s new drink – ‘citra’

Free drink, always a winner!  It was a nice flavour too, sort of citrus-y but with a hint of pear.

The event was held in the main foyer of the building and a catwalk had been constructed especially, everything looked really well and it was totally packed with people (as you can see below..).  Thankfully we managed to squeeze ourselves into two seats at the back so we were right infront of the runway :).

I love the wee fairy lights!

And now for the exciting bit.. 😀


“First year students’ garments are based on the retrospective theme of ‘Cinematic’, drawn from the era of the 50s.”

Here are my favourite designs:

I love the way the fabric of the top falls.  The beige and lime green reminds me of Christopher kane’s graduation collection.

I love the 50s shape of this skirt and the one below:

Want to see the rest of the designs? all the first year photos will be on my Facebook page – Belfash Blogpost 🙂


“Drawing on influences from the fast-changing face of the world, the students have printed their own cloth, knitted the garments and used multi-headed digital embroidery techniques.”

I really like the orange knitted top in this design but I’m not keen on the culottes.

bright orange + pvc + skinny flare trouser shape = amazing!

The stripy neck bag attachment is so cute.  The whole look is very soft but it still has a cool edge.

Again if you’d like to see the rest of the pictures for 2nd year they’ll be up on my facebook page!

Overall I thought the first and second year designs showed a lot of promise and originality. They had obviously been working really hard :),  I can’t wait to see their final year work!

Tomorrow I’ll be posting on my favourite final year designers in more detail which will include Krystyna Scullion, Jayne Bristow and Sinead McCahey.

Nuala xo

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