Li’l sis’s homemade costume

Last friday my five year old sister came home from school and announced to my mum that she had a fancy dress party to go to in about an hour and a half.  -Panic! – All we had for costumes was a witch (pretty inappropriate unless it’s halloween) and a really tatty snow white cossie.  Thankfully, super big sister was there to save the day :).

I had a feather head dress in my room from last halloween so we decided to make her a tigerlily outfit.

We made ours just a tad more colourful…

How we made it!

  • I took an old, unwanted brown t-shirt from my brother
  • Li’l sis tried it on and we marked out how much shredding we wanted at the bottom and sleeves
Me shredding the hem and sleeves:
  • We tried it on for size and then ripped the shredded bits even more for an ‘authentic’ feel:
  • We painted the front with multicoloured arrows, stripes and fingerprints:
  • and the back with some primary coloured splodges:
  • Finally; we hung it out to dry, added some face paint, a headress and a feather bracelet annnnd..
One (1st prize-winning may I add) fancy dress costume!
Nuala xo

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