Bitching and Junkfood Launch @ URBAN OUTFITTERS

I was given this flyer about 2 weeks ago and made a little note in my diary to get down to Urban Outfitters for it. I’d seen some of Bitching and Junkfood’s stuff before on their website (  and thought it was class so I was excited to see if they were bringing out any new or exclusive things for U.O.

Also I love getting a wee goodie bag, 20% off everything in store and a free west coast cooler ‘citra’ to boot!

When I walked in and saw the B & JF clothes stall I got v. excited, there was a lot of high waisted/bright yellow/shredded/studded/printed/bleached denim short shorts – I am a big fan of short shorts.  there were also vintage band t-shirts that had been shredded up and bleached + shoulder pads added etc.  It was like realllly edgy vintage renewal.

So of course I pretty much picked up one of each item in my size (much to everyone’s annoyance I’m guessing as each garment is sort of unique).

These are the first shorts I tried on.  I looooove the the big spikey studding detail and they were such a nice fit.  I was like oh myyy gotta have these!

But then.

I looked.

At the price tag…


Eighty quid! I mean… WHAT!?  I looked down and in a moment of weakness still considered buying them.  I then mentally slapped myself.

It wasn’t so much the actual price that annoyed me, it’s what they are charging it for.  These shorts are literally a pair of vintage, high waisted trousers (which you can get from any good charity or vintage shop) that someone has cut off, added studs to, and shredded a wee bit with a cheese grater.   and I know, they look really good!  But why pay £80 for something you could easily do yourself?

Here are more of the shorts:

Ranging from £65 – £80..

Below is one of the shredded t-shirts:

Again this shredded top is right up my street.  I love the brown/grey pattern that has been done by bleaching the material, the Bob Marley image, the shape, everything..except for.. you guessed it.  The price tag.

Guess how much.

Not worth it.

Especially when right next door, BIG BANG VINTAGE are selling lovely shredded vintage tees for £20 a pop:

But to be honest chums you can do this yourself.  It’s as simple as taking a pair of scissors and cutting the bottom half into strips..literally.  (check out my last post for a little inspiration).

I want to clarify that I’m not dissing Urban Outfitters, it’s one of my favourite shops.  Bitching and Junkfood’s designs are gorgeous but I would only be willing to pay half the price of what they’re selling for!

In the next week, or maybe the week after next as I’m going to Barcelona next Wednesday – yeha! I’m going to try and make shorts and t-shirts based on Bitching and Junkfood’s designs.  I’ve already been into Fresh Garbage and ordered myself some spikes!

Nuala xo

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