Shredded tops: DIY

In my last post I ranted a bit about how expensive Bitching and Junkfoods shredded tops were etc etc, so I wanted to show you how easy it is to DIY.  Sorry for the crappy picture quality :).

  1. Take an oversized top which you’re bored of, one pair of fabric scissors and an eyeliner.
  2. Put on the top and mark with eyeliner/something that will wash off, where you want the fringing to go up to:
I took my old playboy top which I got aggeees ago from Topman.  I’ve already customised it by cutting the armholes out but I was getting a bit bored of it.  My fringing is going to go to just above my belly button, but to be honest you can do it right up to under your boobs if you want.
3.  Lay the top on the ground or a table. *This is important – don’t try to cut it while you’re wearing it, you could poke yourself and it will look crap.*
Cut a straight line from the hem up to the line you’ve drawn.  Keep your cutting hand rested on the ground/table to steady it and use the other hand to hold the fabric taut.  See below.
4.  Make the next cut to make your first fringe, I did mine about 1.5cm wide as it’s easy to judge by eye.
5. Repeat step 4!:  *important*  when you get to the seams at the side cut around them not through them so they stay intact.  Otherwise it might unravel which is no fun at all.
This is my top with the front section completed.
and all finished!:
Afterwards I just cut of the little bits of hem at the bottom as I think it looks nicer.
One last IMPORTANT thing.  Your top is now delicate – don’t just bung it into the wash basket willynilly.  Put it into a pillowcase before you put it in, this will protect it from snagging on zips/buttons etc.
I hope you liked this + maybe it’s inspired you to do some shredding?  let me know if you do!
Nuala xo

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