Barcelona: Things I found.

Hi everyone 🙂  so I’m back from Barca, and as per, the weather is completely grim here in Belfast.

I had such a good time, it’s an amazing city!  Unfortunately I didn’t get to style spot which is a pity as the typical style of the locals is v.v. different to ours but really cool. The reason I wasn’t able to is because I didn’t bring my camera out much as I was scared that someone was going to pick pocket me (which would not have been fun).  Barcelona is infamous for pick pocketers so I made myself this money bag before i left:

I just used a purse that I had from ages ago and a lanyard that I got from Thompsons Garage.  The cord was already attached to the purse which was handy, but anyone could make a cord for their purse if its a fabric one.

 All you would have to do is get an old shoe lace and cut a strip of it, un-pick the seam where you want the cord to go, pop the shoe lace in and sew it up again – attaching the cord to the purse.

I just attached the lanyard to the purse, tied a knot in it to shorten it and popped it under my top everyday!  🙂

BELOW are some things I noticed about Barcelona:


Everyone lives in apartments

All the streets are straight and at right angles/parallel to each other – no bendy or windy roads. PS this is the view from my balcony at the hostel I stayed in. 🙂

Everyone walks, cycles, Rollerblades and skates to get around.

There is some cracking graffiti in Barcelona and it is home to a lot of the work of Miss Van; one of my fave graffiti artists (shown above – the girl on the deer).


Although I wasn’t able to take any pictures I’ve sourced a few from the internet to give you a general feel of the style in barcelona.

The look for most of the young people was grungy and laid back but really cool.  Nearly everyone was heavily pierced/tattooed and most of the girls were wearing the baggiest harem pants i’ve ever seen, like the ‘crotch’ was only an inch higher than the leg holes.  A lot of people had dreadlocks or really tiny fringes and shaved bits, mostly with their natural hair colour.

Where in Belfast loads of tattoos and piercings and shaved sections of hair tends to look a bit overdone (in my opinion) , the Barcelonians all looked totally effortless.  Generally the ladies wore v. minimal makeup, but this made them look confident and strong as they didn’t have to use it to show their femininity.


Walkers crisps are called ‘Lays’ and they have tasty healthier flavours such as natural olive oil flavour (shown below)

and my faveeee flavour ‘receta campesina’ – not even sure what it is, garlic and tomatoes I guess?

One thing I found highly odd was that they don’t have fresh milk, only UHT.  eww.

Alcohol can be bought anywhere;  in the tiniest shop, on the street, in mcdonalds.  It’s also really cheap unless you buy it in a club or bar.  For example you could get a six pack of cans of the the local beer ‘Estrella’  for 2.33 euros!


I love the beach in general and barcalonettas pretty cool.

 There are lots of people who walk around offering you things to buy such as cold beer/water/cola (1 euro),  thai massages – soooo good (5 euro),  fresh coconut, henna tattoos,  fresh mojitos (5 euro) and snacks like veggie samosas (shown below – 1 euro).

Some people would maybe find this annoying that people keep asking if u want to buy things but I liked it as it meant I didn’t have to leave the beach + I didn’t have to drink stinky warm water :). One downside to this beach is that we didn’t feel comfortable to leave our bags and go and have a swim because of thieves, so we had to take it in turns.


The people in this city party hard,  the clubs all stay open to at least 6am.  However one thing I noticed was that although everyone is drinking etc – no one was hammered.  They know how to handle their drink.

I took the photo above at the Sonar by night festival :), I went to the last night of it and it went on from 11pm – 7am (it’s really good, I’d recommend it to anyone who’s into electronic music).  Needless to say a had a very large disco nap the next day.

That’s all folks 🙂 hope you liked it.  Gonna start getting back into the swing of things and try and do a style spot this week so look out for that.

I’ll leave you with a pic of me and all the cute peeps we met at the hostel, we’re all making spanish tortillas together!


Nuala xo




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