Festival treats

It’s oxegen time! and if you haven’t got the full four-day camping ticket you still have some time to grab some things before you go, aswell as some treats for any other festivals still to come!

Here are some fun things I’ve found 🙂

How gorgeous is this rain poncho from irregular choice!?  I love the print.  The best part about it though, is that it packs away into a little bunny shaped bag!!  Click here to see it.

It also comes in a navy sequin print – see below:

Equally is gorgey-porgey I think.  Both £48 each at irregularchoice.com –click here

I love this stack of bracelets from ASOS, £10 –click here.  However I’ve recently learnt how to make pom poms – they’re really easy!  Below are the pom poms I made a few days ago:

In my next post I’ll show you how to make them and try to make a little bracelet out of them.  All you’ll need is some wool in the colours you want the pom poms, some cardboard (a cereal packet will do) and a pair of scissors :).

I’m a big fan of face paints for festivals – so much fun.  I bought this set last weekend in preparation for Creamfields which I’m going to in August.  It’s a bit early, I know, but I love face painting anyway so it doesn’t matter :).  A few days ago I took my little sister to see Pirates of the Caribbean, and she decided she’d like to be painted as a witch for the occasion.  A bit random, but sure why not I guess!  Here she is:

freaky deakie! –  I painted new, witchy eyes on her eyelids 😀

I love this little bandeau/shorts combo!  It’ll see you through from beach to festival: throw on over your bikini with sandals for the beach/ add a raincoat, leather fringe bag, a pair of grubby wellies and big shades for festival.  £26 from TOPSHOP – click here.

Najavo print socks – so pretty! £8 from URBAN OUTFITTERS – click here.

I was having a bit of a struggle trying to find a cheap rucksack that was big enough to fit all my festival gear in – but small enough to fit the regulations for hand luggage on my flight to liverpool for creamfields.  We didn’t book luggage on as it was working out at an extra £30 :/.  Thankfully I remembered I have this lovely rucksack I used to use as my school bag 🙂 I got mine from TK MAXX and they often have some nice jansport bags in there.

To the left is another backpack I found on the tk-maxx website – £14.99, which is really cheap compared to some of the other ones I’ve seen.  It’s a good size too.  Click here.

I bought this glitter palette from URBAN OUTFITTERS yesterday – perfect for adding a bit of  glam.  It’s in the sale for £4!  Click here.  Below is some glittery eye makeup inspiration.

I don’t really like the shape of the glitter around this models eyes, I think it’s too panda-like.  But the idea of the grungy glittery eye is cool and really easy to do.  Also it will look better as it smudges :).  This image is from the Vena Cava A/W 2011 catwalk.

How fun is this mohawk hat from RIVER ISLAND!? perfect if your feeling a bit chilly/having a hair crisis.  It also comes in black. £24.99 – click here.  They also have a very girly indian headdress for £29.99:

pretty, isn’t it :)?  Click here.

These Bitching and Junkfood shorts are amazing, but I still thing £60 for a pair of shorts is a bit much :/ – check out my previous post on their launch at URBAN OUTFITTERS last month here.  and click here to see the shorts.

Poi (seen above) are super fun – I’m bringing mine to creamfields.  See them below:

I got mine from Barcelona – but you can buy them from the internet if you’re interested.  Here’s a youtube video of some basic poi spinning :).

That’s all for today folks – hope you enjoyed it + if you have any questions just post on my facebook page!

Nuala xo

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