EMA special

Crikeyyyy.  That was some break.  Fear not chums I’ve risen from the dead.

So as everyone who’s anyone knows, the MTV EMA’s were shot here in our very own lil hometown Belfast on Sunday.

Here are the outfits I loved & loathed:


As per, Gaga showed everyone up with her mental space age outfits created by Paco Rabane.  Not just as controversial as last years Meat Dress,  but deffo top effort!

Above is Gaga in her first dress which she wore to pick up her Best Female award.  Admittedly I did wonder if her Philip Treacy hat picked up more channels than my freeview box: But, she’s Lady Gaga, she can wear a dress made of meat and still look not half bad.

This outfit was worn during Lady G’s performance of ‘Marry The Night’.  I liked this outfit, especially when she stripped off and flashed her bum!

Cheeky! Cracking bum though.

Giving Hayden Panettiere a wee squeeze in a silver sparkly number.

Another outfit change as Gaga poses backstage with her many awards.  Shiny disco balls.  Love the pointed shoulder and her massive layered ponytail thing she has goin’ on.


This is a v. brave outfit girlfriend.  It doesn’t matter how much glitter/chains/leopard print sequins you throw on that catsuit – all I can think is ‘camel toe’.

Not entirely sure how I feel about this dress, there’s a hell of a lot of mental print going on.

Attention grabbing leopard print.  Me likey though! Shows off her slammin’ bod without a hint of frontal wedgie!  Also liking the curly, side parting hair, v. glam.


I was surprised at Ms Perry’s lack of outfit changes, seeing as she changed a whopping 1o times when she hosted the EMA’s in 2008.

A very ‘quirky’ outfit this year, naturally as Katy P is Queen of the Quirk.  Not really keen on the sunglasses print on her dress, but the Cadillac pink outfit +bubblegum pink hair (love) and matching lips is bang on.

With Jeremy Scott – matching quiffs cuteeee.  Horrendous outfit choice though Jezza..


The host at this years EMA’s made 9 outfit changes! (great effort!)

Awwwk don’t ya just wanna pinch her wee cheeks in this Marchesa lace number.

I think Selena’s ‘alter ego’ is pretty smokin, just a bit cringey when she starts rapping though eek.

Paying homage to LMFAO


One word: LEGS!?!  Lookin’ fineee in their denim Replay dresses.  Love the dip-dye train on Bar Refaeli’s dress.


yayayay zebra print bum bag! Totally ridiculous onsie but loads of fun.  I wanna be their mate.


This was bizarre!  It was apparently a totally random act of streaking and not a publicity stunt.  Whatevz MTV.  Felt a bit bad for Hayden cause she looked all cute but Mr. Naked Guy stole her thunder. Awk.

That’s all for my wee EMA special chicks – but before you go please watch this.  I laughed my panties off loads:


Nuala xo

Images courtesy of dailymail.co.uk, 3am.co.uk and metro.co.uk


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