Hiii.  Willing myself to bring Belfash out of hibernation here. I hate winter.

But Winter is coming to an end, as we can see in this v. tropical looking pic of Belfast I took last week. (except for random outbursts of snow in London etc.) Spring/Summer fashion 2012 is here so that’s all that matters.

However, before I start into all the S/S12 trends, I wanna do a post on some independent brands I’m into atm.

All the photos and names of the brands are linked so click on them if you want a wee juke!


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/blackmilkclothing?ref=ts&sk=wall

An australian company mainly consisting of photo-real prints on leggings, swimming cossies and dresses.  According to their website they’ve a new collection coming out in 10 days – woo.

Purple Galaxy Leggings – $75 australian dollars (about 50 quid).  The print is taken from an actual picture of a galaxy.  What.  Amazing.

Wet look sheer stripe leggings – $90 AUD

Tiger swimsuit $90 AUD


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/likelazyoaf


Watermelon skirt – £38

Anorak £110, bobble hat seems to be sold out – but they have this one instead 🙂 :

Red stripe bobble (unisex) -£18

Purple metric jumper – £60


Screech collar polo shirt – £38

Denim shirt – £35


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Monroe-Apparel/104245259639400

Love these guys.  Did a li’l shoot for them so I’ll show yas that first.  Everything’s unisex which I like a lot.  Also, as well as the prints being bangin’, all their t-shirts are super amazing quality.  No freaking out every time you put it in the wash.  I would defs have everything on the site if I had the mondula.

The Erin Elizabeth Kelly Black Label tee – £20

Erin Elizabeth Kelly is the photographer who took these shots as well as the print on this t-shirt.  Check out her work it’s amayayazing: http://erinelizabethkellysexier.tumblr.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Erin-Elizabeth-Kelly-Photography/159318945165

Im wearing a size medium here, naiiice ‘n’ baggy.

Original Delicious (Black Label) tee – £20, mines is a medium.

Logo oversized tank – £18

I also haveee these:

Revenge Black Cherry Sweat £25

Black and Gold Slushy Bobble – £18.  Gots the Cocoa version too – last one ever made yeha.

Moomin booty tee – £18.  Luv da moominz <3.

Yeah so, complete fanboy for Monroe like.  Don’t let me put off any fellas though it looks sweet on use too:

You might notice that a few of their things are sold out – some of them will be actually sold out forevz but you can like the Monroe Apparel page on Facebook to get updates of when they replenish stock:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Monroe-Apparel/104245259639400


Lovee SMUT too, Erin took some photos of me wearing their Naughty Vicar tee and they ended up using it on their FB page, yayayay.

Naughty Vicar T-shirt – £12.  Sold out atm but I think they’re getting some back in.

Naughty Vicar cropped version – £18.  Photographer: Erin Elizabeth Kelly.  Also comes in this colour:

Check out that model Ellis Cooper – complete girlcrush: http://www.facebook.com/EllisCooperX

White Tassel Heart T-Shirt – £18 (coming soon)

Yay!  C-Heads magazine – check them out: http://www.c-heads.com/collection/issue-27-2/


Star Wars + pin-up girls = sweet.  Another unisex brand.

‘Storm Trooper Bikini Babe’ – £17.99

‘Fighter Pilot’ – £17.99

That’s all I got for now poppets, hope you enjoyed it.

Oh check out my wee modelling page plz fanks http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nuala-C/229948687092037



One comment

  1. Sean Rainey

    I’ve had a eye on Monroe Apparel for a while now, some unique pieces. Big fan of the sailor tees. And I’ve only recently stumbled upon Lazy Oaf, the mens Screech collar polo shirt is one of the nicest pieces I’ve seen in a long time. Adds a twist to the traditional polo.

    Also kudos for the Ellis Cooper mention. Her feature in the Indcsn lookbook was a personal favourite, so much so that I had to purchase this tee – http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-y2TosyCGZVM/Tuj5lpzjqXI/AAAAAAAAAo4/8jittGgEKNo/s1600/AnnaVictoriaBest_INDSCN017.jpg

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