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GLITTER HAIR – Hair inspo SS15



I’ve been noticing this trend emerging for a while now in editorial shoots & on the catwalk – but was surprised by how much imagery I found when I actually researched it. Glitter in general has been having a massive beauty moment – check out my glitter lips and eyebrows from 2014:

tumblr_nf1id9phhI1rvh0qno1_1280Using MAC Glitter in 3D pink over lipstick.

1609749_10152587459334764_3268850467790693288_nNot the best image in the world but yeah- taken at Dekmantel Festival in Amsterdam:  bottom left glitter eyebrows using Topshop Gold glitter pot and a swipe of eyelash glue.

Here’s some glittery sparkle hair inspiration photos I’ve found:

First up – glittery roots


Brushed through to the lengths, possibly sprayed on?:

tumblr_my7da7SNgF1r2oktuo1_1280 tumblr_naojtvnOHO1sra3yno1_500 tumblr_nel2r7E2Rp1qi84tko1_500 tumblr_mop09x7qOu1r5nasfo1_400Mermaid queens!

Artfully applied streaks:

tumblr_mynycmdeKT1qg4nwmo1_1280 tumblr_my61u5fISs1qg4nwmo1_1280

Thickly applied & slicked back:

tumblr_n1zcabhtn41trbzkpo1_1280 tumblr_mztlwkNxHj1r98d0vo1_500 tumblr_mzj0bbwoZD1sjwj4qo1_500 tumblr_mzthugnb3k1rxaxgfo1_1280 tumblr_mr1z2uGrkc1soakyeo1_1280tumblr_n2i06gTO4L1qatjkvo1_1280

How not to do it..

tumblr_ni0tiipNmQ1s50b0ho1_500Looks like a homemade ceramic Christmas decoration!?!

I intend on trying this out myself ASAP.  I’m thinking glitter hair spray from Claire’s Accessories will work nicely.  Literally the same stuff I used when I was going to the Primary School Disco haha. Nostalgia! I’d probably try some standard hair gel + craft shop glitter for the more slicked back styles & glitter roots.  If it works out well I’ll post it up ;).

Most images sourced from

Nuals xx

Manish Arora AW14 hair & makeup


Symmetrical stick ons, multicoloured eye flicks and bright fluttery lashes teamed with a pared-down, flawless face.  Nude lips and soft, natural eyebrows allow the focus to stay on the eyes.

Hair was worn in middle partings and knotted double buns either below the ears or minnie mouse style.  Fly away hairs gave the look a playful, child-like feel.  Hair was also worn with fishtail and french braided side fringes, leading into messy double plaits.


More AW14 inspiration coming soon!

Nuala xoxox

Imaged sourced from WGSN

‘WINGES’ and Hair Feathers

Winter is coming and maybe you want to try a new hair do, a fringe perhaps? But what if you don’t like it? All that annoying regrowth!?

Fear not ladies I have found you a solution.

WINGES (fringe wigs)

I first heard about this trend a while back when Leigh Lezark tried them out:



Here are the ‘Winges’ I have found for you 🙂 :


This company also make fake ponytails, hair bows, braids etc (check out their website  Their ‘winges’ come in two styles;


2. Rock Chick

At £30 each its about the same price as getting your hair cut and blow-dried, worth it I think for a no-worry change of hair style.  Both winge styles come in an array of colours, aswell as some fun colours – available at Hershesons at

This red one and the mauve one are £14!

Bitching and Junkfood

Have also jumped on this trend with their Two Weeks textile fringe, £50:

and Two Weeks Chinchilla fringe, £70:

Hair feathers

Another fun trend which I spotted on some girlies at Creamfields a few weeks ago, were feather hair extensions.  They have been out in america for quite some time – here’s Miley Cyrus sporting them:

Now they’re out in the UK – check out

A pack of hair feathers ranges from £14.99 – £19.99 and they come in lots of different colours.

Hope you enjoyed this little hair – special.  Any questions, suggestions etc feel free to email me or post on the facebook page! 🙂

Nuala xo

Dip Dyed hair inspiration

Inspiration from

1. Hair on fire.

2.  This gal shows you don’t have to have long locks to try the trend.

3. Caramel and cream.

4. High contrast black and gold.

5. Subtle beige.

Images sourced from

Hope you liked this – if you wanna see more inspiration posts let me know.

Nuala xo

Dip Dyed Hair – A do or a don’t?

I am loving dip dyed hair at the minute, thinking of getting it done for summer in a minty green shade like the model in the image below:

Really like the pink tips on this model too:

However although I like the models hair above, sometimes this hairstyle can go very wrong.  Take a look at the dip-dye that celebrities Drew Barrymore and Nikki Minaj have been sporting recently (yuck):

Nikki looks like a fruit pastilles lolly…

Will any Belfasters be trying dip dye this Summer?

Nuala xo.