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Dominatrix/Gothic/Fetish trend AW11

This year’s Autumn/ Winter catwalk was taken over by gothic-y bondage inspired collections: 


French maids, men in uniform, women in uniform, S&M, blind folds, golden handcuffs and lots of stockings.

Love the peter pan collar, loose tailoring around the shoulders and arms but nipped in at the waist.  Strappy corset shoes are gorgey.

Have you ever seen handcuffs look this good? 

All those gorgeous textures! Fluffy/plastic/sexy stockings.  Liking the way that the shoes match the colour and texture of the front panel of the jacket.

Love the contrasting leather collar + the black lace panels against the sheer white.

Equestrian glam.  Aside from the fact that half of the models were wearing horse-riding style hats, the equestrian/fetish inspiration continued with a few of them carrying whips – cheeky! You can just see a bit of the whip the model above is carrying in her right hand.  I also think inspiration was derived from Nazi uniforms:

Similar hat as well as the billowing trouser shape.

Sexy Kate Moss makes her comeback – strutting down the catwalk for the first time in 3 years while smoking a fag – on World No Smoking Day.


With Sarah Burton designing Kate Middleton’s dress for the Royal Wedding earlier this year,  the Alexander McQueen A/W 11 collection was partly showcasing some of the most amazing, out-there bridal wear:

However; for the most part of the collection it was black, black and more black – leather straps and zips and studs and corsets and choker-collars.  It actually reminded me a lot of the movie Black Swan with the complete turn around from the previous design to this, v. interesting.

The corset platform shoes are v. similar to Louis Vuitton’s. So many complimenting textures and materials.   The leather/metal straps and choker remind me again of an S&M/equestrian theme:

similar, right?

Studs ‘n’ string

knicker-high leg corsets. kinky! I think the bra-like leather panels might actually be horse-blinkers:


I lovelovelove this outfit.  The short version of the corset bootie is super cute – I hope the highstreet brings out a version :D.  Love the knee-length pedal pushers and the curve accentuating shape of the dress.  That fur hood as well! Those gloves! Sigh..:)



Is anyone else reminded of a ‘sexy nun’ costume?

Peeka-boo stripes.


With a smoking, latex-clad Lady Gaga storming down the catwalk in a modelling debut, this isn’t a collection anyone’s going to forget fast.

How she walks in those shoes, I have no idea.  Very cool though, I love the way her hair has been styled.

Latex + androgyny

I loved that the models were allowed to be playful in the show

Amazing sheer, printed bodysuit! Love the strap-on-fur-sleeves too.

How nuts is this model? Those are real tattoos people!


“there is that idea of the city of love [Paris], but really it is the city of lust. I wanted that kind of sexual provocativeness in the clothing. Mr Ungaro always said he dressed the mistresses, not the wives. I decided to do the same this season.” – Giles Deacon (designing for Ungaro).

Biker chic.  I love the pattern on this dress – I think it’s been done with leather cords; twisted and looped – beautiful.

Shiny and sheer. I love the buckled leather collars that feature in this collection.  Not too keen on the choice of shoe with this outfit though :/ coral satin seems a bit out of place.

Lace, leather and zips.  Really like the super high ponytails in this show too.


That’s it for today’s post darlin’s – hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing it :D.  My high street finds on this trend will be coming up soon so keep an eye out – or subscribe to the blog so you get an email as soon as the next post comes out :)!

Nuala xo







Tribal, Aztec and Navajo influences still going strong for AW11

Yes guys, tribal print is still good to go for your Autumn/Winter wardrobe! Vair good news as it means you can keep wearing your summer garms (plus layers, of course) :D.



 Fringing,  Navajo print, fur, feathers, leather, beads: love!
The bright feather sections really pack a punch against the neutral coloured fabric and the clean-cut coat shapes.  I love the different the way different textures of feathers have been used.
The poncho makes a return at Chloe.
This is my personal fave collection of the season :D.  The colour palette, fabric, texture and print are all amazing! Maybe it’s just me, but the print makes me think of space invaders?
Hope you enjoyed this one – I’m so excited to get stuck in to the new season fashion (it will take my mind off the oncoming cold and the end of lovely holiday times!).  Next post I’m going to hunt down the high street beauties influenced by these collections :).  See you then!
Nuala xo

The crochet comeback

I know winter seems a long way off with our (crap, rainy) summer only just beginning.  However I’m already starting to get excited about winter fashion trends to come in 2011.

Both Christopher Kane and Henry Holland showcased a lot of crochet in their Autumn/Winter collections and to be honest, after seeing them I think I might get the old needles out myself.


I love these designs, the colours are very eccentric but I think we need a bit of fun in the wintertime to cheer us all up!  I’m so bored of the same old browns and blacks for A/W collections.

Apparently Holland found it really hard to actually source someone who could make his crochet designs as it’s such a dying art.  I want to start getting more crafty with making things and learn how to knit/sew/crochet.  Check out this blog – Attic24 for some cute inspiration.

Christopher Kane A/W 2011

Christopher Kane showcased a less extravagant, more sophisticated take on crochet.  I love the way he has printed crochet imagery onto the leather jacket and the little gel pouches on the dress (remember having pencil cases like that in primary school and thinking you were class?).

During my crochet research I also noticed that http://www.ETSY.com sells some crochet patterns from the 70’s:

aren’t they gorge!

Funny enough, I’m pretty de-sensitized to crocheted things lying about the house as we have a family friend who knits us all enormous blankets every now and then. (my blanket shown below).

My little sister modelling her blanket.

and l’il bro modelling his (he’s a bit camera shy sometimes)

All of a sudden I’m starting to look at these blankets in a different light.  They aren’t just things that I throw over my bed to hide all the mess anymore, they’re actually stylish thanks to Henry Holland and Christopher Kane.

So chums, I hope I’ve inspired you to break out the needles and give your grannies a ring as I think this is going to be one of the biggest trends next season.  Failing that, I’ll obviously keep an eye out for crochet items popping up on the high street.  I’ve already snapped up this beaut top from TOPSHOP:

There are matching shorts too but I’m determined to try to make my own!

Nuala xo