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AVA Festival 2015: Festival Street Style


Photography: Luke Joyce

AVA Festival 2015 went above and beyond my expectations and was genuinely the best event I’ve been to all year, it was like 3 Boxing Nights rolled into one!  I feel so proud to say that I was a part of something so exciting that happened right here in Belfast. Hats off to the whole AVA Team and absolutely everyone involved, it was brilliant.

IMG_4008I was able to scoot down before everything really kicked off, and it was class to see the venue before it filled up.  I had never been to T13 before so wasn’t sure what to expect, but it was an amazing venue and I loved the fact that the skate ramps were still there from T13’s usual usage as a skate park.

As you can see below, the main stage looked even more impressive during Space Dimension Controller’s lazer show.


The Boiler Room stage was unreal, the crowd swarmed around the DJ’s playing in the centre; with the back drop of Belfast’s iconic Harland and Wolf.  I’ve never heard so many YEO’s, hollers and joyful bird-calls from a crowd in my life never mind on any other Boiler Room.

IMG_0305  The video below shows just a snippet of the atmosphere during Space Dimension Controller’s Boiler Room set, it makes me smile and gives me goosebumps to even watch it back.

Well done Belfastians :D, you’ve showed the world how to have the craic! It Goes to show that we aren’t a pretentious bunch with an old trance tune getting a reaction like that.


Throughout the day I was on the look out for the best fashion offerings from the crowd, and I have to say every one looked amazing, the photos we took are just a small representation of how class you all looked!  (All festival street style photographs by Ruairi Drayne)


Photography: Ruairi Drayne

I’ll start things off with my own outfit from the festival (Oh haaay!) Featuring: Halterneck top from Bill & Mar, vintage windbreaker from local store Octopus’s Garden, shorts from Urban Outfitters, my Dad’s old leather bumbag :), and black Nike Huarache’s from Office.

01-IMG_0040One of my favourite shots of the day; Vintage windbreakers were a strong trend for girls’ festival style at AVA, worn loose and over-sized.  I love the print on Gloria’s jacket and the whole outfit is completely made by that amazing hair! Only you could pull that off gal.

18-IMG_0893Another great, vintage printed bomber here paired with a clashing printed shirt.  I love the loose styling of this outfit and the clashing prints work really well together.  The silver hair styled back and away from the face gives the look a crisp edge, beaut!

07-IMG_0808 Again, loose, vintage sports styling prevails; the colour-blocked windbreaker is given an interesting and fresh feel when paired with a floaty skirt featuring an insane (but great!) print.  Black accessories continue the sporty feel but allow the focus to stay on the colour and print.


05-IMG_0804Another amazing jacket! Jesus ladies, where are you pulling these from!!!? 😀 I love this hat shape with the curved peak; I’ve seen this baseball hat shape trending recently as a backlash from snap-back hats.  Light blue mom jeans and cute pale grey trainers let the bright jacket do all the talking.

1-IMG_1019 c Lauren showing off her signature festival style here.  Loads of colour, sparkles and a bit of fancy-dress, made grungey with the addition of the vintage Dr. Martens – love!!


16-IMG_0870Mermaid hair 😀


11-IMG_0847What an attractive bunch, eh? I wish we had taken some shots of the girl on the right on her own too, her pastel outfit is fab, loving the Lazy oaf dress and desert boots.

04-IMG_0802All black, understated-cool girls provided a contrast to the brightly printed, vintage sportswear styling earlier in the post.  This multi-layered, laid back style looks great paired with long natural hair and THAT face, wow!

17-IMG_0892Yaaas girl strike that pose! All black everything and layered floaty shapes look class on this girl, bare legs give the look a sexy edge.

27-IMG_0944Continuing the all-black trend, Georgia’s look has a tom-boy sexy feel that is signature to her personal style.

02-IMG_0793Laid back and grungey! The little gems above Lauren’s eyebrows give this look a bit of festival sparkle.

2-IMG_1013Olivia’s pink hair and short fringe is on point! DR. Marten boots continue to trend for girl’s at AVA, which isn’t surprising really as they’re the perfect festival footwear.


06-IMG_0806The last look of day the day and one of the best- Dark blue double denim looks amazing set off with a tight white crop top, silver hair and a Stussy bucket hat.  Clean white trainers keep the outfit looking fresh and the jeans fit beautifully!

09-IMG_0831I leave you with a shot of me having loads of craic :D, I’d do it all again tomorrow.  Roll on AVA 2016.


Photo credits: 1-4 Luke Joyce, 5-18 Ruairi Drayne.







AVA Festival 2015


Described as a ‘one day & night grass roots Audio Visual Arts festival’, AVA is set to be a festival with a difference, and there’s no doubt that it will be one of the most exciting events to grace Belfast in 2015.

Image (7)

The festival takes place tomorrow (Saturday the 30th of May) at Titanic Quarter’s T13 building; kicking off at 11am with a street food market and record fair open to the public, and continuing on for ticket holders throughout the day and night.  The festival boasts a line up of Belfast’s heavy weight electronic musicians and DJ’s such as Twitch, Bicep, Chris Hanna, Swoose & Cromby, Ejeca and Schmutz to name a few.


You can find (very limited) final release tickets here at AVA’s website

I cannot stress enough that this event is not to be missed,  so snap those tickets up before some one else does!

AVA festival is something I feel passionately about as it aims to showcase the talent that Belfast produces, rather than drafting international talent in…and what a talented bunch we have! (a preview shot of the location and line up below)


Check out The Thin Air’s festival preview article for more information on the musicians.

The electronic music scene in Belfast is absolutely kicking for a city of its size, and I’m proud to be a part of it. Although I’ve moved across the water to study, I’ve still yet to find a night in any other city with an atmosphere or crowd anywhere near that of Twitch Belfast’s nights in the Bunatee. (See photo below taken from Twitch Belfast’s website)


AVA festival brings another first to the city in the form of Boiler Room; the Boiler room stage will run along side the main stage from 4pm tomorrow. To be honest I think that Boiler Room’s Belfast debut was a long time coming and I’m excited for the world to see what partying in Belfast is like; it’s really something else!


I’m thrilled to say that I’ll be involved in the fashion side of the festival; local photographer Ruairi Drayne and I will be taking street style shots of the best-dressed festival goers throughout the day, so get your glad rags on!

Festivals are my favourite fashion showcase as they create a feeling of escapism; so I hope to see some creative outfits, make up and accessories tomorrow :D.  Wigs, glitter, gems, transfer tattoos, head dresses and general amazing colourful sh*t is a must, if you can’t be a sparkly princess at a festival then when can you!?

See some festival-esque fashion below from my good friend and fellow blogger Katie Bryce’s birthday party.  Check out her blog here.


Unfortunately the weather is behaving like a moody teenager in typical Belfast fashion; in the last few hours it’s gone from sunshine to hailstones and back again a few times. So I’d advise festival go-ers to prepare accordingly! Hopefully by tomorrow it will have leveled out and we’ll get some May sunshine.

You’ll be able to see my street style shots here on BELFASH in the coming week, and you can check my Instagram account for live updates tomorrow.

If you’re attending the festival tomorrow keep an eye out for me – I should be donning a baby blue wig, a rainbow-coloured snake-skin crop top and a big fat smile on my face haha!


I leave you with a few tunes I’m listening to that should set the mood :D.




Malarky Belfast Mural

Malarky Belfast Mural

Amazingly colourful mural in my hometown, Belfast. (I need to find it!) Created by street painter, Malarky who’s work can also be found around London and Barcelona.  This piece is a far cry from a lot of the murals around Belfast:  http://www.belfast-murals.co.uk/slideshow.html

More of this please! 😀

Photo taken from his blog: http://malark.blogspot.co.uk/2013/09/gumpy-belfast-weeeeekender.html

Check out his instagram here: http://instagram.com/malarko


Hiii.  Willing myself to bring Belfash out of hibernation here. I hate winter.

But Winter is coming to an end, as we can see in this v. tropical looking pic of Belfast I took last week. (except for random outbursts of snow in London etc.) Spring/Summer fashion 2012 is here so that’s all that matters.

However, before I start into all the S/S12 trends, I wanna do a post on some independent brands I’m into atm.

All the photos and names of the brands are linked so click on them if you want a wee juke!


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/blackmilkclothing?ref=ts&sk=wall

An australian company mainly consisting of photo-real prints on leggings, swimming cossies and dresses.  According to their website they’ve a new collection coming out in 10 days – woo.

Purple Galaxy Leggings – $75 australian dollars (about 50 quid).  The print is taken from an actual picture of a galaxy.  What.  Amazing.

Wet look sheer stripe leggings – $90 AUD

Tiger swimsuit $90 AUD


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/likelazyoaf


Watermelon skirt – £38

Anorak £110, bobble hat seems to be sold out – but they have this one instead 🙂 :

Red stripe bobble (unisex) -£18

Purple metric jumper – £60


Screech collar polo shirt – £38

Denim shirt – £35


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Monroe-Apparel/104245259639400

Love these guys.  Did a li’l shoot for them so I’ll show yas that first.  Everything’s unisex which I like a lot.  Also, as well as the prints being bangin’, all their t-shirts are super amazing quality.  No freaking out every time you put it in the wash.  I would defs have everything on the site if I had the mondula.

The Erin Elizabeth Kelly Black Label tee – £20

Erin Elizabeth Kelly is the photographer who took these shots as well as the print on this t-shirt.  Check out her work it’s amayayazing: http://erinelizabethkellysexier.tumblr.com/ and http://www.facebook.com/pages/Erin-Elizabeth-Kelly-Photography/159318945165

Im wearing a size medium here, naiiice ‘n’ baggy.

Original Delicious (Black Label) tee – £20, mines is a medium.

Logo oversized tank – £18

I also haveee these:

Revenge Black Cherry Sweat £25

Black and Gold Slushy Bobble – £18.  Gots the Cocoa version too – last one ever made yeha.

Moomin booty tee – £18.  Luv da moominz <3.

Yeah so, complete fanboy for Monroe like.  Don’t let me put off any fellas though it looks sweet on use too:

You might notice that a few of their things are sold out – some of them will be actually sold out forevz but you can like the Monroe Apparel page on Facebook to get updates of when they replenish stock:  http://www.facebook.com/pages/Monroe-Apparel/104245259639400


Lovee SMUT too, Erin took some photos of me wearing their Naughty Vicar tee and they ended up using it on their FB page, yayayay.

Naughty Vicar T-shirt – £12.  Sold out atm but I think they’re getting some back in.

Naughty Vicar cropped version – £18.  Photographer: Erin Elizabeth Kelly.  Also comes in this colour:

Check out that model Ellis Cooper – complete girlcrush: http://www.facebook.com/EllisCooperX

White Tassel Heart T-Shirt – £18 (coming soon)

Yay!  C-Heads magazine – check them out: http://www.c-heads.com/collection/issue-27-2/


Star Wars + pin-up girls = sweet.  Another unisex brand.

‘Storm Trooper Bikini Babe’ – £17.99

‘Fighter Pilot’ – £17.99

That’s all I got for now poppets, hope you enjoyed it.

Oh check out my wee modelling page plz fanks http://www.facebook.com/pages/Nuala-C/229948687092037



University of Ulster Fashion show: My favourite designers

ABOVE: A sneaky peek of whats to come in this post!  Designs by Jayne Bristow, Sinead McCahey and Krystyna Scullion.

If you’ve read my previous posts you’ll know that last Wednesday night (1st of June) I went to the University of Ulster Fashion show.  This event showcases garments made by 1st, 2nd and final year fashion and textiles students as well as accessories from jewelery and silver-smithing students.

Check out my previous post –


for my pick of the 1st and 2nd year students designs.   All the other pictures are up on my facebook page :).

In this post I want to look at the three final year designers whose work was most interesting to me.  Each designers’ collection is really different but they all caught my eye enough for me to sneak upstairs and check out their work in more detail!

1.  Krystyna Scullion – KID K

KID K is a fun, quirky collection based around the feeling of nostalgia stemming from childhood memories.  Krystyna has amalgamated the memories of her childhood past with her designs for the future.  A bright, playful colour palette and bold cartoon imagery blend together in this collection and the end result is the perfect balance between adult attitude and childhood inspiration.

Below is the colour palette used in ‘KID K’

Pictures from the fashion show and illustrations:

This was the first outfit of Krystyna’s collection, as soon as the model came onto the catwalk my mum and I looked at each other like :O wow!  It was completely different to anything we had seen yet on the night, really fresh and original.

Below is the illustration that this outfit came from (sorry for the bad quality image!)

I love the way Krystyna has used popular silhouettes from her childhood such as leggings and dungarees which were big in the 90s.  I really like the print on this cardigan and the colours used, the detailing such as the big bright button and the little yellow neck ribbon are beaut.

The illustration:



Amazing outfit – love the ‘K’ ‘I’ ‘D’ rings and the jacket.  I reeeeaally wanted to get the shoes in to the picture aswell they were bright yellow and blue platforms!  Alas, I’m not blessed with tallness so I couldn’t get them.

Illustration (cute!):

and finally, the designer with her model:

Overall I thought ‘KID K’ was a great graduate collection,  the designs were a breath of fresh air.   Nostalgia of childhood memories is one of my favourite feelings and Krystyna’s designs captured it perfectly.  She used inspiration from the past but created something entirely new. Good luck to her for the future! 🙂

Jayne Bristow – ‘NDEBELLE’ (pronounced Na-Belle)

Jayne Bristow’s collection ‘NDEBELLE’  is based on the eclectic mix of traditional and modern-day africa.  She took inspiration from research on African adornment and the significance it holds in African culture.  This is the key element in her collection  which she has translated into geometric shapes and patterns using print, embroidery and embellishment.

The name for her collection derives from two words: ‘Ndebele’ – an african tribe whose artwork represents each stage of their lives and the word ‘Belle’ which is the french word for ‘beauty’.

Colour palette:

Digital print: 

The colours and patterns used in this collection are SO busy but they really work,  Jayne’s collection is very on trend right now as many other designers have used African and tribal prints in their recent collections.

Pictures from the fashion show:

Gorgeous print on the cardigan, I also think this is an excellent translation of African prints for an Autumn/Winter collection as I would usually associate it with summer.

Love the printed leggings!

I think this was my favourite piece in Jayne collection, it’s so striking and the maxi dress shape it really shows off the print to it’s full extent.

and the back view..

Below:  All the models for ‘NDEBELLE’

and the designer with her model! (super blurry sorry)

Overall Jayne’s collection was really inspirational, she translated her research on African adornment into a western, Autumn/Winter collection and made totally original prints and garments.  The result is a very on trend collection!  I wish her all my best!

Sinead McCahey – ‘HYPNOSE’

Sinead McCahey is a textile design student.  Her final collection ‘HYPNOSE’ is based on freudian theories, the subconscious and what effects people’s actions and thoughts.  She drew inspiration for her imagery and drawings from these subjects as well as drawing influence from her own dreams and subconscious thought.

Below is an image of one of the prints Sinead used in her garments which was influenced by the fears/dread/happiness in her thoughts as mention before.    The imagery of the skulls and carcasses which Sinead hand-drew is juxtaposed with the floral shape.

Below is an image from the fashion show of the garment on which this print was used:

and from the back:

I love the contrast of the leather fringing and the soft, floaty silk haboutai fabric.

Below is another of Sinead’s textile prints:

 here is the garment it was used in:

And from a side angle:

As a textile design student, Sinead doesn’t have much background in pattern cutting so all of her designs were hand-stitched onto the mannequin.  The flow and continuity of the garments was an important factor to her and she researched Japanese design and their concept of being ‘one’ with a garment.  I love the way the material falls around the model.

Below is Sinead’s final design:

I loved the collar on this design, the shredding and lazer cutting within the leather was inspired by skeletal form.  I think the shape of the collar from the front looks like a spine twisted round the models neck.

Below, all the models for Sinead McCahey’s ‘HYPNOSE’ collection

I thought ‘HYPNOSE’ was a beautiful collection and I’m a big fan of  the contrasting materials and imagery, eg.  silk/leather and bones/florals.  Good luck to Sinead!

I hope you enjoyed reading this post as much as I enjoyed writing/researching/taking photos for it!  I really want to say a big well done to everyone in the UU fashion show this year; designers, models and the people who put it all together. It was a great night showcasing some amazing work.

Remember if you want to see any of the rest of the photographs they’re up on my facebook page: BELFASH BLOGPOST. 🙂

Nuala xo.

You’ve been Belfashed #1 – Picks of the Day!

Brid McKenna, 19, Psychology Student at Queens University.

 Spotted at the bottom of the Lisburn Road.  Love the way Brid has toughened up her outfit with a classic leather biker jacket.  Cute polka-dot tights too!

Sean Campbell, 21, Irish and Celtic Studies student at Queens University.  Rachel Graham, 20, Social anthropology student at Queens University.

Spotted outside the main building of queens.  I really like Rachel’s dress – leopard print can sometimes look tacky but this outfit looks laid back and sophisticated.    Sean’s outfit is interesting – a mix of charity shop finds (his jacket) and high street (trousers from Next) but all the elements look great together as an outfit.

Big thanks to Saoirse McKenna for helping me today and to all the lovely people who let me pester them and take their photograph :).  I should be doing another stylespot this weekend if all goes well.  Hopefully in Victoria Square this time – watch out people!

Nuala xo