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Dip Dyed hair inspiration

Inspiration from LOOKBOOK.nu

1. Hair on fire.

2.  This gal shows you don’t have to have long locks to try the trend.

3. Caramel and cream.

4. High contrast black and gold.

5. Subtle beige.

Images sourced from LOOKBOOK.nu

Hope you liked this – if you wanna see more inspiration posts let me know.

Nuala xo


Dip Dyed Hair – A do or a don’t?

I am loving dip dyed hair at the minute, thinking of getting it done for summer in a minty green shade like the model in the image below:

Really like the pink tips on this model too:

However although I like the models hair above, sometimes this hairstyle can go very wrong.  Take a look at the dip-dye that celebrities Drew Barrymore and Nikki Minaj have been sporting recently (yuck):

Nikki looks like a fruit pastilles lolly…

Will any Belfasters be trying dip dye this Summer?

Nuala xo.