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‘WINGES’ and Hair Feathers

Winter is coming and maybe you want to try a new hair do, a fringe perhaps? But what if you don’t like it? All that annoying regrowth!?

Fear not ladies I have found you a solution.

WINGES (fringe wigs)

I first heard about this trend a while back when Leigh Lezark tried them out:



Here are the ‘Winges’ I have found for you 🙂 :


This company also make fake ponytails, hair bows, braids etc (check out their website http://www.hershesons.com/homepage).  Their ‘winges’ come in two styles;


2. Rock Chick

At £30 each its about the same price as getting your hair cut and blow-dried, worth it I think for a no-worry change of hair style.  Both winge styles come in an array of colours, aswell as some fun colours – available at Hershesons at ASOS.com:

This red one and the mauve one are £14!

Bitching and Junkfood

Have also jumped on this trend with their Two Weeks textile fringe, £50:

and Two Weeks Chinchilla fringe, £70:

Hair feathers

Another fun trend which I spotted on some girlies at Creamfields a few weeks ago, were feather hair extensions.  They have been out in america for quite some time – here’s Miley Cyrus sporting them:

Now they’re out in the UK – check out http://www.hairfeathers.co.uk/

A pack of hair feathers ranges from £14.99 – £19.99 and they come in lots of different colours.

Hope you enjoyed this little hair – special.  Any questions, suggestions etc feel free to email me or post on the facebook page! 🙂

Nuala xo