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GUESTPOST by Katie Bryce

I thought I’d let my lovely fashionista chum Katie Bryce have a bash at writing a BELFASH post!  Hope you like it, ’cause I love it.  Nuala xo.


Before I start this post, I’d like to take the time to dedicate this to my dear friend Rebecca Brown who is a loyal fan and follower of Alexa Chung.   Alexa Chung, what’s it all about? What is it about her that makes almost every girl want to be her, and makes men fall in love with her over a picture?

For me, it’s the clothes, but really I doubt that men fancy her because she’s wearing the new Chanel S/S 11 dress. It is slightly depressing when you find your boyfriend staring at pictures of her for hours, but it doesn’t make me hate her for some reason? Is it the fact that she’s not like the other celebs?  She doesn’t flaunt her boobs (not that she has any) and bum in mini skirts.  Is it that she sort of dresses like our Nannies that make us love her so much?  Not REALLY like our Nannies but you know, she’s cute like them.

The first time I ever saw her was when she started presenting T4, remember that? She was just an ordinary, kind of geeky girl that we saw every Saturday and Sunday morning and didn’t really think about it. But that’s not where it all started for her. She was actually accepted to Kings College London to study English, very impressive! But just before she accepted her place she was scouted by a modelling agency and it all changed for her. Imagine that like, one day you’re about to go to Uni, then all of a sudden you’re a model, bitch. Actually it started even before that, she was scouted by Storm modelling agency in the comedy tent at reading festival at just 16 (suppose like) okay the more I write this the more I actually realise I do hate her. After this she appeared in music videos, magazines and even did an advert for Tampax (scundered!). Though sadly due to modelling she came to develop low self esteem and a distorted body image. A thing that most models can agree that they have suffered from because of the harsh and critical world of modelling! Just shows you even the most beautiful girls out there still have the same problems as us normal girls!

This is Miss Chung at the start of her modelling and TV career:


Look at how effortlessly good she looks! Going for a cute drop waist beach dress, perfect for her figure! Adding the essential grey knit cardigan and topping off with a fabulous patent Mulberry bag.  So little effort so much effect.   After taking a bit of time off she started making more appearances back in the fashion and TV world. She was the face of Oxfam’s Ethical range “revamped” and Australian fashion label “Antipodium” ‘s/s 2008 collection. September 2008 saw her walk the catwalk for none other than Vivienne Westwood and her spring/summer “Red Label” show at London Fashion week. Soon after this she became the face of one of our fave highstreet brands “Newlook”. This seemed to be the turning point for her and it launched her career into the fashion world as both a muse and a role model.

Elle style awards 2008

Pictured above at the Elle style awards in 2008 when she really started to make an impact. Everyone remembers this pink dress because it’s so OTT but so fabulous looking on her. The black at the waist takes away from the “pinkness” of it and ties the silk bodice nicely with the ruffles at the bottom. Not too keen on the shoes though but sure I’ll forgive her just this once!

 Modelling for NEWLOOK

      Here’s some pictures of her modelling her collection for Newlook. I’d say the first one is my favourite. Love the plain striped dress and the colourful tweed copy of the Chanel 2.55! Also first dibs on socks with shoes, never saw that before this picture of her back in 2009! Kind of bored of telling you what she did before she became huge because I really want to get to the good bits!!

Making her mark

Here’s some pictures of iconic outfit moments for me, that made me think “I need to get that outfit, I love this girl”. Also some pictures of outfits and pieces that she brought into the fashion world before anyone else.

First up, the famous Glastonbury picture in her striped cardigan and Barbour jacket.

This really set the “style” for festivals everywhere from there on in. Everyone had to get their hands on one of those jackets, also pictured at the same festival in her over the knee socks and wellies complete with rock star boyfriend. Dirty, smelly, muddy chic if I ever saw it.

Soon to be out done by this picture of AC that inspired me to buy those adorable boots she’s wearing. Only thing is mine are Topshop 😉 Adore this picture of her, smart casual at it’s best with that cute blazer over a simple white t-shirt and cotton floaty skirt. Embarrassing thing is this coat also came into Topshop as a “look-a-like” and of course I bought it.   

Red Carpet

Here’s the beginning of dip dyed hair! Pictured at the met ball (remember that time she wore a suit on a red carpet? Yeah that time). Looks utterly stunning here, understated makeup and hair but of course massive effect. NB no one did pussy bow/shirt/high waisted taped trousers before this!

And here comes the most depressing part of the article, her ad campaigns and photo shoots. NB not all of them because well I think i’d end up killing myself by the end of it. (Not really kill myself but just become slightly depressed over the fact that I can’t afford those clothes!)

  Self explanatory really..

Not even sure what this is for, but the shoes..

Modelling here on the cover of French Magazine Jalouse looking very 70s in her high waisted jeans and tight “body”. Not her actual body, the navy leotard thing is called a body. LOVE the flicked out curls, and of course her heart pose.

 Here’s a picture from the Pepe Jeans ad campaign that makes me want to cry:

Love the buttoned up shirt under the cardigan and high knee socks. I have a thing about black and white pictures, they just always seem so much more beautiful, and this is just outstanding. Preppy cardigans like this also making their way into the high street at this time due to an overload of Ugg booted sweat pants wearing girls shopping in Topshop. God save us all.

The cover of vogue, need I say anything else?

  And last but not least, my favourite picture of all time. Words can’t even describe the feelings I have about this picture:

It’s not even because the dress is lovely, but the look on her face that transfixes you. I just can’t take my eyes off her. Not only is she funny on TV, good at dressing herself and very beautiful, you can totally relate to her. In a way I think this is the reason why everyone loves her so much, because we can all see a bit of ourselves in her. From buying the dress she modelled in Newlook to copying her coat and boots only in the Topshop form we all want a bit of Alexa. She was a normal girl in a normal school going to study English at a normal university, she was scouted as a model as many are but it was up to her to make an impact. She warmed the screen of T4 viewers with her goofy laugh and big smile, she made us sob over her outfits and ask “how did she do that?” pretty simply being the key thing. She’s simplicity personified. No plastic surgery, drastic haircut or buckets of makeup, just good honest English girl who knows how to dress. She has inspired millions of girls (and boys!) all over the world because of how she uses what she has around her to make something out of nothing. She can turn a plain t-shirt into something you’d wear on a red carpet.

What’s her secret? Nobody really knows but we all seem to agree that it works.

My reasoning? Well… She’s Alexa Chung, that’s why.

by Katie Bryce.

Tutti-Frutti prints for summertime.

This season, Carmen Miranda inspired prints exploded on to the Catwalk (don’t know who Carmen Miranda is? I didn’t either until I typed her name into google images http://tinyurl.com/43f5nt3‘ohhh yeaaah that fruit-head lady!’)

Banana print was featured in PRADA’s 2011 spring/summer show (if you can’t tell already, I love PRADA.)

I came across a fashion illustration blog called www.gattobravo-miao.com,  it’s so cute check it out.  Here’s their interpretation of PRADA’s fruit prints:

I want to start illustrating my favorite catwalk shows – it looks like so much fun!

Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer collection featured zesty citrus fruits.

 Fruit print is now on the high-street (: – here’s a few I like.

Banana print T-shirt, £18.00 from ASOS.com and lemon print prom dress, £29.99 from NEW LOOK.

Banana print shorts, £12.00 from TOPSHOP.


Lemon ‘fruit post’ earrings (they also come in apple and strawberry!), £6.50, URBAN OUTFITTERS.  Banana earrings, £6.00, TOPSHOP.

Hope you liked these tutti-frutti treats.  Watch out for my next post!

 Nuala xo