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Outfit of The Day – Saggy Sequins


  • Sequin Baseball Dress – Native Rose (bought at Urban Outfitters)
  • Ripped Boyfriend Jeans – Urban Outfitters
  • DR. Martens (VERY old)

I’m completely in love with my jazzy sequin baseball dress; but it’s one of those items that’s so jazzy that once you’ve worn it on a few nights out you feel like you have to keep it under wraps for a while.. because its so memorable.  I wanted to try it out as a dressed-down daytime outfit so I can get more use out of it.  I think it looks well paired with these super baggy boyfriend jeans, and the length of the dress hides the fact that the jeans keep falling down round my arse!

My trusty Dr. Marten boots are so old, I don’t even want to think about it..  it makes me feel like a withering old lady.

(9 years old if you must know….UGH).

Aside from the fact that I feel like I’m getting eve- closer to middle age, my DM’s have served me SO well; they’ve been through many a festival and general hideous Belfast weather and they’re still going.  Not a hole in sight.  They have a lot of scuffs on the top but I think that adds to the look of them – and they’re soft as butter as I’ve worn them so much.

You can check out the boots Dr. Marten’s has to offer here.  I’m loving these:


Dr. Martens Pascal boot – £110

11821510Dr. Martens 1460 W Boot – £110

16086001Love this shape! Considering investing in these..beaut! Dr. Marten’s Bryony Boot – £160

16684100.T 16684100Oh my glob!!!!! If you don’t watch Adventure Time then you should, it’s amazing.

Dr. Marten’s Finn Boot – £130 (available to pre-order, out on the 31st of March)

IMAG0526 IMAG0525

I’m pretty sure my jeans are sold out now as I bought them in the Christmas sales, they’re from Light Before Dark in Urban Outfitters.  Here’s some more baggy ripped jeans options:image1xxl

Cheap Monday – £59

image1xxlGlamorous -£35

Or, if you have loads of cash moneeeey $$$£££ to spend why not go all out on these amazing disco princess jeans by Diy by Panida:

Untitled-1Disco jeans by Diy by Panida – $170

Or these!

Untitled-1DC Superhero jeans by Diy by Panida – $108

Much wow!

Thanks for reading :3 Nuala xx

Festival treats

It’s oxegen time! and if you haven’t got the full four-day camping ticket you still have some time to grab some things before you go, aswell as some treats for any other festivals still to come!

Here are some fun things I’ve found 🙂

How gorgeous is this rain poncho from irregular choice!?  I love the print.  The best part about it though, is that it packs away into a little bunny shaped bag!!  Click here to see it.

It also comes in a navy sequin print – see below:

Equally is gorgey-porgey I think.  Both £48 each at irregularchoice.com –click here

I love this stack of bracelets from ASOS, £10 –click here.  However I’ve recently learnt how to make pom poms – they’re really easy!  Below are the pom poms I made a few days ago:

In my next post I’ll show you how to make them and try to make a little bracelet out of them.  All you’ll need is some wool in the colours you want the pom poms, some cardboard (a cereal packet will do) and a pair of scissors :).

I’m a big fan of face paints for festivals – so much fun.  I bought this set last weekend in preparation for Creamfields which I’m going to in August.  It’s a bit early, I know, but I love face painting anyway so it doesn’t matter :).  A few days ago I took my little sister to see Pirates of the Caribbean, and she decided she’d like to be painted as a witch for the occasion.  A bit random, but sure why not I guess!  Here she is:

freaky deakie! –  I painted new, witchy eyes on her eyelids 😀

I love this little bandeau/shorts combo!  It’ll see you through from beach to festival: throw on over your bikini with sandals for the beach/ add a raincoat, leather fringe bag, a pair of grubby wellies and big shades for festival.  £26 from TOPSHOP – click here.

Najavo print socks – so pretty! £8 from URBAN OUTFITTERS – click here.

I was having a bit of a struggle trying to find a cheap rucksack that was big enough to fit all my festival gear in – but small enough to fit the regulations for hand luggage on my flight to liverpool for creamfields.  We didn’t book luggage on as it was working out at an extra £30 :/.  Thankfully I remembered I have this lovely rucksack I used to use as my school bag 🙂 I got mine from TK MAXX and they often have some nice jansport bags in there.

To the left is another backpack I found on the tk-maxx website – £14.99, which is really cheap compared to some of the other ones I’ve seen.  It’s a good size too.  Click here.

I bought this glitter palette from URBAN OUTFITTERS yesterday – perfect for adding a bit of  glam.  It’s in the sale for £4!  Click here.  Below is some glittery eye makeup inspiration.

I don’t really like the shape of the glitter around this models eyes, I think it’s too panda-like.  But the idea of the grungy glittery eye is cool and really easy to do.  Also it will look better as it smudges :).  This image is from the Vena Cava A/W 2011 catwalk.

How fun is this mohawk hat from RIVER ISLAND!? perfect if your feeling a bit chilly/having a hair crisis.  It also comes in black. £24.99 – click here.  They also have a very girly indian headdress for £29.99:

pretty, isn’t it :)?  Click here.

These Bitching and Junkfood shorts are amazing, but I still thing £60 for a pair of shorts is a bit much :/ – check out my previous post on their launch at URBAN OUTFITTERS last month here.  and click here to see the shorts.

Poi (seen above) are super fun – I’m bringing mine to creamfields.  See them below:

I got mine from Barcelona – but you can buy them from the internet if you’re interested.  Here’s a youtube video of some basic poi spinning :).

That’s all for today folks – hope you enjoyed it + if you have any questions just post on my facebook page!

Nuala xo

Barcelona: What I’m packing

This is my last post before I jet off to Barca my dears (I have to wake up at 4 in the morning to get the flight…:( )

A sneaky peek into what’s going in my suitcase!

Hi suitcase:

Aztec print bikini, £28, URBAN OUTFITTERS.  I love the zip at the front and the removable straps for maximum tanning.  Click here.

Me no likey burny.  P20 only needs one application a day and lets you tan while staying protected.  You can get this from any chemist type place but I got mine from Superdrug for £12.95: Click here.

Cutie pop, daisy top.  £28, URBAN OUTFITTERS.  Click here.

‘You Rebel’ tinted moisturiser from BENEFIT (with SPF 15 yay!).  Click here.

Click here £6.99, NEWLOOK.

As seen in my previous lookbook post – click.  £30, URBAN OUTFITTERS.

My signature scent, nom nom.  click here

lovellly playsuit from PULL AND BEAR, £19.99 (bargain I think!).  Unfortunately P&B don’t display any of their products on their website (ehh sort it out guys) so you’ll have to just use your li’l legs and walk to their store in Victoria Square to see it!

Best bronzer ever! Doesn’t have any of that nasty shimmery, sparkly crap in it.  Just like tan in a powder form.  £23.50 from BENEFIT.  click here.

bangles, £5, CLAIRES ACCESORIES.  Click here

I can’t resist buying organiser type things – these are little mini bottles/tubs that you buy empty and then you can decant just enough of your various beauty products into them to last you the holiday.  Such a space saver!  I bought the bottles from semi-chem for 99p and the tubs from superdrug for around £1.20.

Inside the tubs/botts I’ve put:  Radox shower gel – African sanctuary, Pantene pro-v repair and protect shampoo and conditioner and Aveeno moisturising cream (this is formulated to help eczema prone skin, which I don’t have.  I find it really good as a general moisturiser).

Reading on holidays is one of my favourite things ever ever.  Can’t wait to get stuck into these, all from http://www.waterstones.com.

Crochet top, as seen in my previous post ‘The crochet comeback’.  Probably gonna stick to wearing this at nighttime though, I’d rather not have a crochet print tan line.

yumyum, beach towel from H&M.  £6.99.  Click here.

Orange grandad top, TOPSHOP, £18.  Click here.

The all important epilator – for de-fuzzing!  If you can handle a wee bit of pain definitely invest in one of these,  they keep your legs smooth for waaay longer than shaving and they don’t remove skin cells like waxing does.   I’ve also noticed that it weakens the hairs over time so they grow back really thin.  A winner all around!  I got mine from boots ages ago but here’s a similar one: Click £49.99.

My sunnies, £4.99 from NEWLOOK.  Click.

Bandeau, £12 URBAN OUTFITTERS.  Click here.  Choose your underwear wisely for going on holiday, you won’t want to wear anything that digs in if you get a bit of sunburn.  These bandeau’s are great and come in frilly, printed styles as well (check out my first lookbook post to see my leopard print one).

Tribal hairband, £6 from CLAIRES ACCESORIES.  I do not want a fringe-tan-line.

Trusty birkenstocks! As seen in previous lookbook post: click.

Im wearing this ASOS skirt on the flight (with my banana shorts under it so I can quickly whip it off as soon as I step off the plane! – check out my previous lookbook post to see my banana shorts.)  I’m sorry to tell you this skirt is now out of stock – boohoo!

Finally we mustn’t forget:

A.K.A. hangover cure.

So guys, that is my suitcase!  Hope you enjoyed it :).  I’ll try to do a post or two from Barca but don’t be too annoyed if I don’t get the time cause I’ll have lots of posts when I come back :D.

Love you all, see you in a week!

Nuala xo

Bitching and Junkfood Launch @ URBAN OUTFITTERS

I was given this flyer about 2 weeks ago and made a little note in my diary to get down to Urban Outfitters for it. I’d seen some of Bitching and Junkfood’s stuff before on their website (http://www.bitchingandjunkfood.com/)  and thought it was class so I was excited to see if they were bringing out any new or exclusive things for U.O.

Also I love getting a wee goodie bag, 20% off everything in store and a free west coast cooler ‘citra’ to boot!

When I walked in and saw the B & JF clothes stall I got v. excited, there was a lot of high waisted/bright yellow/shredded/studded/printed/bleached denim short shorts – I am a big fan of short shorts.  there were also vintage band t-shirts that had been shredded up and bleached + shoulder pads added etc.  It was like realllly edgy vintage renewal.

So of course I pretty much picked up one of each item in my size (much to everyone’s annoyance I’m guessing as each garment is sort of unique).

These are the first shorts I tried on.  I looooove the the big spikey studding detail and they were such a nice fit.  I was like oh myyy gotta have these!

But then.

I looked.

At the price tag…


Eighty quid! I mean… WHAT!?  I looked down and in a moment of weakness still considered buying them.  I then mentally slapped myself.

It wasn’t so much the actual price that annoyed me, it’s what they are charging it for.  These shorts are literally a pair of vintage, high waisted trousers (which you can get from any good charity or vintage shop) that someone has cut off, added studs to, and shredded a wee bit with a cheese grater.   and I know, they look really good!  But why pay £80 for something you could easily do yourself?

Here are more of the shorts:

Ranging from £65 – £80..

Below is one of the shredded t-shirts:

Again this shredded top is right up my street.  I love the brown/grey pattern that has been done by bleaching the material, the Bob Marley image, the shape, everything..except for.. you guessed it.  The price tag.

Guess how much.

Not worth it.

Especially when right next door, BIG BANG VINTAGE are selling lovely shredded vintage tees for £20 a pop:

But to be honest chums you can do this yourself.  It’s as simple as taking a pair of scissors and cutting the bottom half into strips..literally.  (check out my last post for a little inspiration).

I want to clarify that I’m not dissing Urban Outfitters, it’s one of my favourite shops.  Bitching and Junkfood’s designs are gorgeous but I would only be willing to pay half the price of what they’re selling for!

In the next week, or maybe the week after next as I’m going to Barcelona next Wednesday – yeha! I’m going to try and make shorts and t-shirts based on Bitching and Junkfood’s designs.  I’ve already been into Fresh Garbage and ordered myself some spikes!

Nuala xo

Menswear – Festivals

I feel as though I’ve been neglecting the menswear side of things! In this post I wanted to look at Festival style for boys.

Obviously there are different types of festival (e.g. oxegen/planet love) which require a totally different fashion etiquite.  For this post I wanted to look at boys style for a rock/indie festival.  I’ve hunted around and comprised an outfit + accessories in 10 items; enjoy!










10.1.  Aztec print jumper, £40:   Bitching and Junkfood.  2.  Cosy print socks, £3:   Topman.  3.  Red backpack, £35:  ASOS.  4.  Light grey Chinos, £75:  ALL SAINTS.  5.  Yellow tee, £9.99:  River Island.  6.  Brown leather renewal belt, £10:  URBAN OUTFITTERS.  7.  Black Original Hunter boot, £70:  SCHUH.  8.  Penguin flask, £15:  URBAN OUTFITTERS.  9.  Carhart green waxed jacket, £109.99:  SIZE.  10.  Black wayfers, £12:  ASOS.


Honestly.  I have no words for this Topman creation.

Hope you enjoyed this post!  It was fun but challenging doing a post about menswear so if you have any feedback please comment.   Remember if you want to see any of the clothing featured in the blog just click on the writing highlighted in pink :).

Nuala xo

Sunglasses Trends 2011: #1 BRIGHT.


These zesty sunnies are perfect for getting you in the mood for Summer.  They’ll add a vibrant touch to your outfit and protect you eyes from the sun’s harmful rays!

Neon Orange: Matthew Williamson for URBAN OUTFITTERS, £170. Click here.

Yellow oversized: ASOS.com, £12.  Click here.

Blue keyhole: TOPSHOP, £16.  Click here.

Orange aviator: www.jeeperspeepers.co.uk, £16.  Click here.

Fluoro green – £18, URBAN OUTFITTERS.  Click here.

Blue flat tops – £18, http://www.jeeperspeepers.co.uk.  Click here.

Keep a look out tomorrow for my next sunglasses trend – ROUND FRAMES.  Any suggestions for a post? email me at thebelfashblog@gmail.com.  Nuala xo

Look #1

I feel like a total poser but what can you do I suppose.  This is the first look I posted on LOOKBOOK.nu (click here to see it)!

Green raincoat – found abandoned at Prodigy in Newcastle..mine now hehe.

Lace top – Topshop (last season, about £18).

Leopard print lacey bandeau (underneath top) – URBAN OUTFITTERS,  £16, click here to see.

Aztec print belt – £16, also from URBAN OUTFITTERS, click here.

Blue denim shorts – BIG BANG VINTAGE, £15.

Black Patent Sandals – By Birkenstock at OFFICE, £49.95, click here.

and finally, new haircut by Paul at COLORS HAIRDRESSING, Antrim Road! (02890775555).

I hope you liked this 🙂  if you have a lookbook account please hype! If you don’t you should get one it’s really good for inspiration + easy to make.

Nuala xo

PRINT – ways to wear it.

In my last post I looked at Diane Von Furtsenburg, Givenchy and L.A.M.B’s printed creations for Spring/Summer 2011, and although they are beautiful most of us can’t afford designer :P.  So in this post I’m looking at affordable ways to wear this seasons print-trend.


Printed t-shirt, £15, black and white Aztec print leggings (Oh-so Givenchy! Check out my previous post) £26 both from URBANOUTFITTERS.co.uk.

Snake print headband, £6.99 RIVER ISLAND.  Festival bag, £20 from ASOS.com.  Elephant print TOMS from SCHUH.co.uk (soooo cute! I love elephants.)

Teaming printed leggings and accessories with a fun, laid back t-shirt is a perfect look for daytime.  You could also dress up the leggings with a pair of wedges and some tribal jewellery.


Aztec print top, £16 and printed skirt £34.99 both from TOPSHOP.  Black wedge sandals £90 from FLY London at SCHUH.co.uk.  Woven navajo backpack £46 from URBANOUTFITTERS.co.uk.  Printed headband, £3.99 from NEW LOOK.

I really like this as an outfit,  I would wear it for daytime but you could dress it up by wearing a black lace top like this one from ASOS.com:

Hope this post was helpful and inspiring etc!  Went on a stylespot today and found some lovely lookin’ peeps so watch out for the ‘you’ve been BELFASHED #3’ post tomorrow.

Nuala xo

Handbag Heaven.

Summer is coming so put those boring winter accessories to the back of your wardrobe and take a look at these sunny treats.

Every girl needs a nice summery handbag, whether it’s a big duffel bag for the beach or a little bright clutch for walking about town in the sun.  Here’s some of my favourites for every budget.

Striped duffel bag, £16.99 and Bright yellow duffel (also comes in blue), £14.99 both from NEW LOOK.  Love the print on the first duffel bag, it looks like something you could buy from a little spanish market.

Aztec print rucksack, £45.00 from ASOS.com

This rucksack is super versatile, use it for walking about town or as your carry on baggage and beach bag for Summer Hol’s!

Annnnd if you wanna treat yourself, why not do it with one of these gorgeous Satchels from the Cambridge Satchel Company!

14 inch Satchel, £108.00 from The Cambridge Satchel Company – available at URBAN OUTFITTERS

Also comes in Mint Green with navy detailing, and they sell smaller versions in neon pink and orange for £98.

Let me know if you liked these handbags or if there’s anything you’d like me to do a post on.

 As I’m in Donegal, tomorrow I thought I might do a post about the local arty-farty cafe, Muck and Muffins in Dunfanaghy.  It’s really cute they sell all sorts of wee bits and bobs for your home and handmade jewellery etc, as well as lovely coffee and cake – what more could you want!  Check out their li’l website http://www.muckandmuffins.com.

P.S. If you’d like to know, it’s raining up here and I have only brought shorts with me – silly billy.  Hopefully the weather picks up 🙂

P.P.S.  All the writing highlighted in pink is a link to something, click away.

Nuala xo

Tutti-Frutti prints for summertime.

This season, Carmen Miranda inspired prints exploded on to the Catwalk (don’t know who Carmen Miranda is? I didn’t either until I typed her name into google images http://tinyurl.com/43f5nt3‘ohhh yeaaah that fruit-head lady!’)

Banana print was featured in PRADA’s 2011 spring/summer show (if you can’t tell already, I love PRADA.)

I came across a fashion illustration blog called www.gattobravo-miao.com,  it’s so cute check it out.  Here’s their interpretation of PRADA’s fruit prints:

I want to start illustrating my favorite catwalk shows – it looks like so much fun!

Stella McCartney’s Spring/Summer collection featured zesty citrus fruits.

 Fruit print is now on the high-street (: – here’s a few I like.

Banana print T-shirt, £18.00 from ASOS.com and lemon print prom dress, £29.99 from NEW LOOK.

Banana print shorts, £12.00 from TOPSHOP.


Lemon ‘fruit post’ earrings (they also come in apple and strawberry!), £6.50, URBAN OUTFITTERS.  Banana earrings, £6.00, TOPSHOP.

Hope you liked these tutti-frutti treats.  Watch out for my next post!

 Nuala xo